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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy pretty sunny Wednesday! For us at the moment!! I hope the rain holds off until AFTER raven racers at the school today!!! they arent as fun in the rain! LOL!!!

So I have been doing some scrappen this week! Thought I would share!!!

1st one is my girl playing in the rain... ahhh the beauty of YOUTH!!

First day of school!! Side 2 is coming very soon!!! :)

Photos from our Port Ludlow Boating trip! Justin gave me the title~ he said while we sat on the beach ~ Hey mom I have a scrapbook idea for you~ Why dont you do a LO called snapshots then just take lots of photos of us! Ok good idea! :) Trust me you dont have to ask me TWICE to take photos! LOL!!!

and.. playing in the Ocean at Seaside this summer!

and FINALLY!! (hey I told you I was busy! LOL!!!) this is one I started and finished for our Disney trip on 03! (can you say BEHIND!! LOL!!) You cant see it but I stitched yellow all around the large squares!!!

Sorry that one I had to take a digi of since my scanner is only 8.5 X 11

So I am busy busy the next few days... wedding on friday!! FUN FUN FUN!! Saturday we get to watch Buggy while Larry and Kimmie go to the Husky game! the kids are so excited Amanda asks DAILY how many days til buggy comes!! :) then sunday we are off to hunt down fabric for Halloween costumes so Tutu can get started!!!

Thanks for stopping by ~ I gotta run... literally they start in 10 minutes!
Have a GREAT rest of your week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HAPPY 14th Anniversary to US! :) I cant believe 14 years have come and gone so quickly!! They need to slow down a bit! PLEASE!


and Now! 14 years, 2 GREAT kids later!!! :) Love you guys!!!!

Lets see other Johnson news! Amanda had her 1st soccer game! They didnt win but she had FUN!! She played position #1 (which was a forward way back WAY BACK when I played! LOL!! ) and Goalie.. Oh my.. I never liked that position at all PRESSURE! She didnt like it either! BUT she stopped a couple balls.. we wont talk about the ones that got by! HA HA!!!
Here is a little slide show of her first game and pictures last night.. she wanted to pose for me like she was kicking um sorta looks like she lost her leg! LOL!!! Dad pointed that out for her! :)

I LOVE her face in the photo where she has just kicked the ball! so cute! She ALMOST got a goal too! Maybe next game!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a GREAT rest of your week!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I have LOTS to share today!!
Happy 1st day of school for our kiddos!! :) They were both so excited for today...A little nervous they said but EXCITED! They both have GREAT teachers! It is gonna be a GREAT year.... but first I have other shares.. then 1st day photos! :)

We took a little trip for the nite/day to Leavenworth for one last FLING before school starts!.. I LOVE it there.. Such a cute town...We had alot of fun... went swimming in the heated pool! NOW when they say heated they mean HEATED... it was probably 85 in there.. not like a HEATED pool that is 70! LOL! it was like bath water! We played Mini Golf, ATE! :) shopped, of course we went to Kris Kringle my FAVORITE store... I got a Halloween decoration, and a cute new house for our xmas village! Then more shopping! Stop in for fudge! :) Then on the road home! We stopped at the Deception Falls... that is one AMAZING waterfall! (and I just realized that I didnt share a photo! next time! :) )
Here are a few shots from Leavenworth!

Fair time!! We had so much FUN at the fair! We got their at 11am! and left about 6pm! PHEW!!! It was a fun full day!! WE all got bands to ride unlimited rides! We ATE! Watched some pig races!! (that was EXCITING! LOL!) went in the barns! (JOY! LOL!) Rode more rides, Justin and Steve went scuba diving!! They had a BLAST! It was a free 15 minute class! Amanda and I watched she had fun SQUIRTING everyone! An instructor showed her how to do that! She loved it!!! and then Amanda decided she wanted to get lassoed!! LOL! The cowboy didnt catch her! :) Out to Mexican for dinner then home!! and bed.. I was BEAT! LOL!!!

and FINALLY here we are the BIG 1st day today!!! and NOOO I didnt ask them to pose like that in their individual photos... they are just naturals! HA HA!! I took lots more but well you know gotta save some as a surprise on the LO!!
It is sooo QUITE at the moment... I gotta get used to that again!!
Ok here they are.. all ready for their 1st day!!!

If you have made it this far THANKS for making it! LOL!! I have LOTS of scrappy plans while they are back in school! I hope to have some stuff to share this week! Oh and if Steve is reading this.. I plan to do lots of CLEANING too! HA HA!! :) Had to make it look and sound good didnt I! :)
Have a GREAT day!!!