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Monday, January 28, 2008

SNOW DAY HERE TODAY!! Oh the kids were so HAPPY to miss school, and have dad WORK from home!! (really he did work! he did take a snow break!- to sled and snowball fight! :) )

I of course had to have photos, I am DONE now, ready for SPRING! So if anyone is listening NO MORE SNOW!! (I dont think they are since it is snowing now and gonna snow all night they say!! LOL!!) As you can see from my models! they had a BLAST! See that one where Amanda is yee-hawing on Steves back, who is on top of Justin! :) I had to take it 4 times! Look how good they were for me! LOL!!! That is LOVE I tell ya, that and a BRIBE of hot choc! :)

Other then snow, all is well here! Steve and I had a DATE on saturday! YEAH went out to dinner, macaronni grill~ YUM!! and then to the casino!!! (THANKS TUTU for watching the kiddos!) Sunday we went to the new applebees that is about 3 miles from us, YUM! and today of course SNOW FUN!!!

Hope all is well with you, THANKS for stopping by!!!
Think SPRING thoughts! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Is it COLD enough for you yet! LOL! I am so not liking it! BUT I am LOVING the sunshine... so I guess for now I will take it! and an ice fire to go along with that cold!! :)

That photo is from the snow we had in Dec.! But I am TRYING to learn my PSE, I finally figured out how to add the frames... that only took me 8 months! LOL! ok not really BUT! I found an online tutorial and once I saw it I got that part... now to get over the other bumps in the road I have with my PSE! I will be a beginner in no time!! :)

Not to much EXCITING happening here, but yet we seem to be so darn busy! Got some EARLY spring cleaning done! Big runs to the Goodwill and dump! YEAH! they have needed to be done! It is so nice to know it is DONE! of course today I got a note from Amandas class about needing old shirts for the art project for the auction... SIGH! all of them went on sunday! BUT I did manage to find her a tshirt! (hee hee! we still have to much stuff! LOL!) Steve is busy with work, I think he enjoys the new group he is in, a bit different from his old group! Justin and Amanda are still loving school! Gonna look into some golf and music lessons for Justin, and MAYBE baseball for Amanda... she isnt 100% sure! I need to find some sort of dance lesson too, so many of them are year long programs.. I want like a 6 weeker so we can see if she will like it! She wants to play SOCCER this fall!!! :) and me well the usual, house stuff, helping at school and yeah got in LOTS of scraptime! I have more to share but plan to scrap this week, so I will share it ALL at once!!!!

Oh we are selling girl scout cookies! her goal is 100 we are up to 60 right now, if you need some just email us and let us know! LOL!

Hope all is well! Stay warm!!! and THANKS for stopping by!!
have a GREAT day!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I have been doing LOTS of scrappen!! TRYING to do the STASH DIET My friends Jennifer and Amy are doing! I dont think I will ever get 50 done before shopping~ BUT I have gotten 15 pages done this week! YIPPPEEE!! (7 2 pagers and I finished off the 1st page to Amanda when she was a baby! WAHHH time went to fast!) Plus I am sharing my cards I made up! 1 is a hello card for my cousin, quick and easy! The other for the AL challenge at A Peek Into Yesterday Then there is our Thank you card for our xmas gifts!! I just need to send them! YIKES I am behind! :) Nothing new I am afraid! ALSO I have photos to send! Must get BUSY!!! :)

Steve is getting home tonite ~ he was in Vegas for work for 3 days! Everyone is glad to have him coming home! YEAH!!! We all did very well by ourselves though!! :) Hopefully he wont have another trip anytime soon, unless of course we get to go, then he can go whenever they need him too!!!

Hope all is well~ THANKS for stopping by!!!
Have a GREAT rest of the week!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY 2008!!!! Ok so SERIOUSLY where have the years gone!!!! I am gonna be 30 this year! (if ANYONE tells you it is 40, they are LYING!! ;) hee hee!!!!! so I am taking back 10 years who cares! :) ) Justin is 11 (is that POSSIBLE!) Amanda gonna be 8, and Steve well if I am taking back 10 years that makes him.... (shhh I will never tell he is older then me now! LOL!!!!! :) ) ANYWAY!!!! off the age topic!!! :)

We hope you have a VERY HAPPY 2008!!! We sure had a BLAST ringing it in!! We just hung out at home! (YEAH the kids still love to do that, I feel so much SAFER knowing we are all HERE!!! DANG I am OLD! :) ) We had our annual PARTY!!!! Yummy food, we did fondue (1st time for the new year! YUM!) and munchies and of COURSE dessert!! Amanda and I made up a S'More dessert!It was good!!!! played a game of Monopoly Jr. (Amanda won! Dad LOST! hee hee!) watched the ball drop in NYC! then off to bed for the kiddos! I actually made it up for OUR new years! YEAH! (see not that old at all!)

Today we are going up to Bellingham to spend the day with the Holcombs for our annual New Years Day, girls SHOP! boys do what BOYS do! :) football, food, and cards! :) Should be LOTS of fun!!!!

We hope you all have a GREAT 2008, resolutions come true, GREAT memories made!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER I am gonna be 30!!! :) THIRTY got it! :) hee hee!!!
Happy New Year!!!!