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Sunday, September 16, 2007


What a GREAT show!!! He is such an amazing performer! Even Steve enjoyed the show!!
He got everyone invovled, made it seem like even if you were in the back row, you were still right up front! He had cool lights, and all these fun filming angles ~ it felt like you were watching a video sometimes just the way the shot it!!!

He sang for 2 hours and 15 minutes!!! We will for sure see him again! (Oh I havent told Steve that part yet! LOL!)

Hope you have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Saturday!! :)

All is well here in the Johnson house, the kiddos

are getting used to the
back to
routine! So is mom! :)

I got to have
a little scrappy time this week! So I thought I would share what I have done! both the layouts will get a side 2, but for now here is side 1! :) The other is a CD I altered! These were all done for challenges at a new FUN scrappy site I visit 2scrappy chix design

Thanks for stopping by~ hope you have a GREAT weekend! it is DATE night for Steve and I~! YEAH! going to see KEITH URBAN!!! and out to dinner in Seattle!! Should be FUN!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007


The most BEAUTIFUL day of my life! and lucky us the days just keep getting better! (AHHH!)



Saturday, September 08, 2007


WOWY what a concert!! We are so gonna see him AGAIN! He puts on a GREAT show!

We got to our seats about 6pm... tickets said the show started at 6:30- we werent sure if that included the rodeo~ oh it did! That was fun to watch too~ LONG for the kids the concert started at 9:15pm! YIKES!
It was a bit loud for Amanda, but as you can see she did FALL ASLEEP during the show, so it must not have been to bad! :) Justin loved it! Stayed up and listened to it all!
I think they both had fun! I know I did! and FOR SURE he is a repeat concert for at least Steve and I! I couldnt get to ROWDY the kids were there! :) and one was asleep on my leg! The ONLY concert I have ever sat down for!!! LOL!!!

Today we are headed out on the boat! Cant WAIT! and what a BEAUTIFUL weekend it is!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a NICE weekend!!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

1st day back to school!!!!!

Today was the day! The kiddos headed back to school! This year I wasn't ready! Summer went to fast, I still had stuff I wanted to do with them! :(

They were both very excited! They knew alot of the kids in their classes, neither of them had their closest friend in class, BUT they will see them at recess!!!

Amanda had the CUTE idea of showing how many fingers for the grade they were in! So how could I possibly pass up another photo of them!

I sure cant believe they are in 2nd and 5th grade already! Time FLIES!!!

Steve and I both took them in today! Steve then went to work... Me I came home for my VACATION! hee hee!!
It is so QUIET now.. Steve said just sit at the computer and turn on the Disney Channel real loud! Hmmm I think I may!! I told him I have to do at least one load of laundry so they can all have socks!! :)

I may even scrap! and maybe just maybe clean the kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by!! Enjoy the photos!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

FINALLY 1 year later!!!!

I got my tile!! I had a hard time finding some I LOVED! We found it over the weekend!!! My boys put it up yesterday! (Labor day! They had to do some Labor!)

It looks so pretty~ and I am so happy we have it up!!!!

THANKS for your help Justin! He wanted to be sure I told everyone he helped! :)

Tomorrow we go back to school! Cant believe summer is over!!!

Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tonite at 11:40 our time my mom (aka TUTU!) is going to race in the Worlds Triathlon! We are so PROUD of you mom!!!!! Cant wait to hear how AMAZING you do!!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!