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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!! :) Hope you all had a fun green day!!! Today I got some photos of the kiddos! This one Amanda requested.. her idea to pose like this.. and it is one of my favs.. and I NEVER EVER turn down an extra photo or 2! I cant wait to get the photos scrapped!! :)
Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Long time no post!!! :) We have been busy busy with stuff! Just everyday stuff that filled our life! :) Band, Work, Brownies (THANKS for all who bought cookies!) and today.... Lion King Live!!!
after waking to SNOW... can someone let Mother Nature KNOW I am READY for spring.. and um NO MORE SNOW PLEASE!!! :) Thanks! It didnt last.. it was snowing when we left at 10:30am.. when we got home at almost 5pm the sun was out! :) then it poured rain and was windy.. a little bit of everything today!! NOW... on with the show!!!!

This show was AMAZING.. AMAZING... the costumes were soooo Amazing.. :) All of it! Both kids really enjoyed it! Amanda got a bit antzy towards the middle of the second act.. but really enjoyed it.. they were perfect ages to go.. the show was longer then I thought it would be.. and it really didnt seem long.. it started at 1pm.. and was over at 3:40 there was a 15 minute intermission.. otherwise it was all SHOW!!! We couldnt take photos inside the theater which is sooo BEAUTIFUL... I should have tried to change it just so I could share the inside... I got a couple outside... all of the sign.. just different spots... then I was BAD.. and took a photo (ok 2!) of the cast on stage... I should have waited til they were all out but I didnt.. I got it quick so I didnt get in trouble! LOL!! some people snuck them earlier and got caught!! :) My favorite costumes were the giraffes and elephants...there are no elephants in the photo, but you can see the giraffes if you look close! The actor's were on stilts like things for the front and back legs... I highly recommend the show if you can go... totally TOTALLY Worth it!!! :)

Here are a few photos!!! :)
The kiddos.. oh I do torture them.. it took me 15 shots to get this one! :)

The Paramount Theater-

and of course the sign itself....

Here is the one of the cast... well some of them.. this was Mufaso coming out... I should have waited! LOL!! but at least I got one! :)

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!!! ours was really nice...
Thanks for stopping by!!