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Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy WET Monday!!!!

Well I guess all my complaining about being to hot was heard... we are due for a week of RAIN... WAHHH!! I didnt want that.. I just didnt want it 90 in my house!!! Now here it is.. POURING... Amanda just ran upstairs to get on something WARM and COZY! and get her umbrella to go outside.. you know what that means.. PHOTOS for mom!! I wish I felt that giddy about the rain! LOL!! Ahhh to be young again! :)

I have some things to share!!! First off I made this another recipe from The Pioneer Women Cooks it was sooo GOOD! In fact I was just editing the photo and Justin saw it.. and said YUM that olive bread.. you gotta make that again mom! :)

It was soooo GOOD!!! I do need to make it! Hmmm with all this rain coming ~ gooey bread and spaghetti sound YUMMY! LOL!!! I also want to make this I think it looks sooo good!!

Ok hold on one minute... time for rain photos! She better get out there before the thunder starts ~ she wont last long when that happens! Ok thunder has arrived!! She is DONE! LOL!!!

Lets see what else do I have... Oh more food! These yummy rocky road pops here at a FUN new site I LOVE to visit Moments 2 Remember the kids LOVED them.. and well so did I! LOL!!!

and finally! Some scrappy stuff! I did this one yesterday for a couple challenges! Photos were of Amanda and Allyson at the fair a couple weeks ago! Arent they the CUTEST!! :)

I can not believe school starts in just over 2 weeks! Summer has went so fast! I still have things I want to do with the kiddos! I better hurry!! We have go to go boating 2 weekends in a row.. that was FUN! Went to Port Orchard, and Port Ludlow.. 2 of our favorites! gonna go to Poulsbo next month.. Steve is so good to me there is the CUTEST store there and I want to go when their fall stuff is out.. so YES the boating trip was planned around a store! THANKS honey! :)

We were gonna go pick Blueberries today, um not now.. so I guess that means SCRAP TIME!! or I mean HOUSE CLEANING time.. (in case Steve is reading this! HA HA!!)
Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT week!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Fair Photos!
Here are some photos from the FUN day at the Fair!! A big THANKS for meeting us, Papa, Dede, Antzy Nancy and Aunt Kimmie and BUGGY!!! We had so much fun!! We ran into Aunt Peg, Gina, Cherie and all the kiddos that was fun! I got a photo of Justin and Amanda with ~ Chase, Hunter and Gracie on the roller coaster! So SWEET!
THANKS Kimmie for the CUTE mirror photos! they all turned out cute!!!!

We had a SUPER FUN DAY!! It did take us 3 hours and 15 minutes to get home! Not to bad, only about 45 minutes longer then usual, BUT we were tired, it was raining and we had CHINESE in the cooler soooo it seemed SUPER long! LOL!!!!

We are headed out on the boat tomorrow! YEAH !! Hope the weather holds!!!
Have a GREAT weekend! THANKS for stopping by!