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Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Monday!! Well I SURVIVED the R & R 1/2 Marathon on saturday!! I had a goal of 3:45:00.. about mile 6 I figured I was on pace to hit the 3:30:00 mark.. so a new goal was set... and off I went.. I finished in 3:29:57 minutes! WAHOOO!!

The race was going for one hour before we got to the start line.. we were in the last corral.. had a GREAT time... so glad I did it.. gonna do it next year.. with a GROUP of people.. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :)

YES I did take my camera on the walk.. and NO I wasnt the only one.. :) I am sharing about 20ish photos.. I took about 50! HA HA!! :) I put them in a slide show for ya.. THANKS for stopping by and taking a look!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just a quick post today...

Happy Tuesday!! It is a BIG day in the Johnson house!! THIS BOY.....

Is having his 6th grade recognition program today (graduation to me! LOL!) last year of grade school.. WHERE did the time go.... He is excited and nervous.. and looking forward to BIG ADVENTURES! (not to big I hope! LOL!!)

His program is at 1pm today.. I got to help alot with it.. last night we decorated.. it is a Cruise theme.. so inside the gym is like your on a cruise ship.. so gonna get LOTS of photos today!! :) Then after school gonna have a little BBQ here for him AND to celebrate my moms birthday!!


I am off to finish getting my stuff ready!!
Have a GREAT rest of the week! thanks for stopping by!