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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where does the time go! I cant believe it is it the middle of JULY!!!!! Summer is flying by!

The kiddos are having a FUN one! We went down to Longview over the 4th, and then on to our annual trip to Long Beach and Seaside! it was so FUN! BEAUTIFUL weather! and of course LOTS of pictures!!!!!

We are (ok Steve is!) tearing apart our kitchen! We are going to get new cabinets and new countertops ~ I cant WAIT! I am helping by packing stuff up and taking PHOTOS! :) By Sept. we should have a BEAUTIFUL new kitchen! In time to show it off at Justins birthday and Thanksgiving dinner! :)
We have been out on the boat a few times! going out this weekend! We got a tube to pull behind it, went out last saturday the kids LOVED it!!! Steve also bought a raft, which we took to the lake by our house and the kids LOVED that too!!!! (yes I have PHOTOS! ;) )

Hope your all having a GREAT summer!!!

Some photos to share now! :)