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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Port Ludlow ~ GETAWAY weekend!

We went to Port Ludlow on the boat last weekend and had a GREAT time!! We love going over there it is so peaceful! The kids played on the beach ALOT! and we hung out on the boat!

There was a wedding that night we arrived, so we sat on the back of the boat and listened to their reception music.. it was GOOD!! Made me want to dance! Which Amanda and I did! :)

Sunday I snuck over to where they still had the chairs set up and got that cute photo of the kids in the chairs over looking the Marina!!!

Just wanted to share some photos! Probably wont have any scrappen time til after vacation!

So here are some photos from the trip!

Relaxing on the boat (see Steve behind the kids!)

On the beach photos!

Friday, July 27, 2007

-Before! :)

AFTER! :) :) :) :)

Steve (and Justin helped too! Even Amanda got in on the action!!) did such a NICE job on the deck! He is almost done just needs to put a clear stain on it! WE LOVE IT!!! I am sorry I kept telling him no deck the last couple years! it is so nice!! and now the furniture fits much better on it!!

So you cant really see from the photos above, BUT he redid my table top on my NEW table... why you ask... I SHATTERED the glass out of the other one! How I dont know~ the umbrella slipped and it it the table and shattered it into a million pieces, most of them are under that new deck! So he topped it earlier in the week with Justins help ~ and for now it will be just fine.. I may get a new table next year! LOL! BUT it all looks good now!!!!!

So when ya gonna come have dinner with us on it?!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I got some scrappen in today!!! (shhh dont tell I didnt do any laundry or clean! LOL!)

Our Amanda was being so CUTE earlier in the month dressing up in her Halloween costume from last year so I had to get some photos! (of course!)

Hope your having a GREAT summer!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ratatouille-Cupcakes!! YUM!!

Today Amanda and I made up these cutie pie cupcakes to take to our friends house tonite...
She has decided to name them ALL ~ Ratatouille! :)

Here she is with one of them, see the evidence of sneaking frosting?!! Then there is the whole group of Ratatouilles! and finally Justin doing HIS job in the fun... he was on ear and whisker watch!! Being sure none fell off!!!

Hope your having a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just having some fun in my photo editing programs.... I really want to figure out my PSE program... I have gotten a couple books, I have some fun beach photos I want to alter and scrap! For this one I used PSE, and my print shop photo pro (that was for the frame! since I cant figure it out in PSE! )

The kids are such good sports letting me get all my beach photos! These with their backs to me are some of my favorites to me they seem to stop time for just a moment!

Hope your having a GREAT summer! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

19 years together TODAY!!! Happy "DATING" anniversary to Steve and Me!! :)

I cant believe it has been 19 years since we started going out! Seems like yesterday!!! I wonder back then HOW MANY thought we would be here today! 2 of us did! :)

We have come along way from our KFC days!!! Marriage (13 years in Sept) 2 GREAT kids!, our home (love the new deck!), a boat, some WONDERFUL vacations!, so many dreams we have had come true! and still more we are working on!!! :)

I will get a photo of us today~ but for now, some from the old days!!! Steves senior prom! Our wedding, and of course the BEST thing we have ever done, the kiddos!!!

LOVE YOU FRED!!! XOXOXOXOXO! THANKS for a FABULOUS 19 years!!!! Heres to 109 more! :) I LOVE the CD too!!!! THANKS!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy July!!!

What a BUSY few weeks we have had!!! Birthdays, anniversarys, the 4th of July FUN!, and our annual trip to the beach!! :)

Steve has almost got our deck done! YEAH! We have got to sit on it! He just has to do a few finishing things and it will offically be done! WE hope that will be soon! BUT at least we can sit out there!!!!

Sharing some photos from some of the recent fun we have had! Papa and Dedes 60th anniversary, the 4th, and our beach trip!

Thanks for stopping by~ hope your having a GREAT summer!!!!