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Friday, March 14, 2008

Baby Layout and Derby Cars! :)

FINALLY a blog update! SORRY we have been busy here at the Johnson house, and SICK! Sigh!!! Amanda and Justin have colds! Amanda has been home for 2 days! Her class just keeps passing around bugs galore I tell ya ~ and she is getting them ALL!!! Hopefully she will be better tomorrow, we are busy sunday!!! :)

So that photo is of our girl when she was 6 weeks old! SIGH!!! I cant believe she will be 8 in April... time flew toooo FAST for me!!!!

The derby cars were designed by the kiddos and Dad! Justins is of course a golf club~! (he will be starting lessons SOON!! and is very excited!) Amandas is lipstick (and well you know she is a GIRL, and loves sparkley lips! LOL!!) The derby is next week and they are both excited! it will be the last race as Justin is done with cub scouts this year! Amanda is racing in the sibling race (her first and last race also! LOL!!)

Tomorrow I am off to a stamp camp! I cant wait! We THOUGHT it was the derby... so now I dont know what Dad and the kiddos will do~ webkinz?? LOL!! Then sunday off to Bellingham to celebrate Josh's 11th birthday, with Bowling and a YUMMY dinner (so EXCITED to try the Japanese Steak House, they make dinner right at your table! YUMMY!!!!)

That is about it for us~! THANKS for stopping by~ and I PROMISE to blog sooner then my last one! :)
Happy Weekend!