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Friday, August 31, 2007

The BEST $10 spent EVER!

I just love the farmers markets we have around here! Love all the fresh fruits and veggies... but my favorite things to get are the FLOWERS! Hello this BIG BEAUTIFUL bouquet was $10! It seriously is huge... takes up well over 1/3 of our table! :)

So it is the last weekend of summer! We are going to hang around here, do some shopping tomorrow, for tile (the kitchen has been done for a year!) and FURNITURE for the living room! I figure if I type this out I will have to get it! Steve gave me a blank check when we moved in 5 years ago to find what I want... the hunt still continues! I have a VISION! BUT I am tired of waiting for that VISION ..... so I am gonna SERIOUSLY hunt tomorrow, and maybe adjust that vision! Wish us luck! You probably should wish Steve the luck... he has to deal with a VISION crazy wife! :)

OH we found out the kiddos teachers! Amanda has Ms. Gradl~ who I really wanted for her! and Justin has a new teacher Mrs. Curfman... she seems very nice!
On a sad note, neither one got there very best friend in their class, BUT they do have other friends they know in the class so that always makes it easy for a new adventure, and they will I am sure make even MORE friends as they get to know other kids!! and their friends are only a class room away, they always have RECESS!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT long weekend!! full of SUN and FUN!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Our NEW toy! :)

We got a new truck on sat. it is REALLY nice! It is a 2006, and is in FABULOUS condition! The kids are so excited it has bucket seats for them! I am excited it has a 6 CD player, AND Sunroof! Amanda likes that too! :)

Just wanted to share a couple photos of it!

Happy SUMMER!!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Today is my brothers birthday, I wont tell you his age , but I will tell you this.. he is OLDER then me now! HA HA! (hey dreams are FREE and you let me just DREAM ON OK!!)

I wanted to share his birthday card... Outside and inside (scroll down!), I seriously laughed out LOUD! :) I think we have all had it happen to us, or GASP been one of the things they mention!!!

Hope your day is GREAT, and Jimmy Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wish we were there to CELEBRATE with ya!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We are HOME! What a GREAT vaction we had!!
Reno was so HOT! and so fun for me and the kids!

Steve had to work! So he got us a room at the Grand Sierra Resort! what a PLACE! It had so much to do! Golf, go carts, bowling alley! (50 lanes) a movie theather a FABO pool outside!!!

and YES even a TV in our bathroom! (both hotels did!~! WHY I am not sure! :) ) Amanda informed us all she needs in her hotels now is a flat screen (also in our room- I think Steve loved that the most!) and a tv in the bathroom and she is set! WHAT is her daddy setting her poor husband up for in a LONG TIME of course! he is gonna spoil them good!!! :)

After Reno we were off to Tahoe for a few days! it was BEAUTIFUL there! I told Steve I could move there if it wasnt for the threat of FIRE every summer and the DEEP snow of winter! :)

We did so much fun stuff!!! We rode the gondola up to the top of the mountian, and back down, went to the beach~ rented a jet ski, and we also rented paddle boats both days at the beach!! We didnt sit at this cute little bar I took a photo of ~ BUT I did get a rum runner at the place right behind it (where the family photo is taken!)

We ate WAY to much! Had to go to the Hard Rock Cafe, and Cabo Wabo cantina~ NO Sammy Hagar darn it!!!

We did win some $$ YEAH! BUT of course gave most of it back! LOL!!

Now I have to work on the PILE of laundry! and come back to reality! DARN IT!!!!

Hope your all having a GREAT summer!!!! Enjoy the photos and THANKS for stopping by!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

A little bit of summer FUN! :)

We took the kiddos to Lake Stevens yesterday to have some fun in the raft! :)

The old foot pump wasnt gonna cut it so Steve ran up to Fred Meyers and got an electric one (which is now added to the collection of one we had here at home, but didnt know where it was! LOL!) Once that electric pump did its job it was time for some WATER FUN!!!

Steve did the rowing~ I sat on land and did the photo work! (PHEW! :) )

The kiddos LOVED when Steve flipped the raft over, he had to do that about 10 times! :)

Hope your having a GREAT summer! Thanks for stopping by!

SUMMER TIME FUN in the lake! :)

Friday, August 03, 2007


We had so much FUN at it!

They put on an AMAZING show!!!!!


18 rows

Just wanted to share some photos with ya!! I WISH the fence wasnt in front of the bus! But since my days of scaling a fence are OVER (I am a mom you know!) I had to take it from behind the fence! :)

One of Steve and I overlooking the stage! One of our great seats! :) and some of the show!!! I LOVE that red one, I wasnt even thinking it would look like that!!!!

Hope your all having a GREAT summer!!!! Our Aug. is jam packed!! I know it will go FAST!!!!!! then it will be school time again~ this summer truely has been the fastest! I still have things I want to do, and no time! DARN IT!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!! for now I am GONE! (a song by MG! LOL!)

bye bye!!