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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Concert!!!
Last night we went to see Jason Aldean and Tim McGraw at the White River Amphitheater ~ it was soooo FUN!! The weather was GREAT!! the show was FANTASTIC!!!!! We did stop by the casino for dinner and some FUN, we got there at the end of the 1st act, but in time for the other 2!! :)
We had great seats! I was able to sneak down the side to get some even closer photos!!!! :)
Here are some of Jason Aldean!!

and some of Tim himself!! :)

There was something going on down front during the Indian Outlaw performance, Tim and his security pulled this guy out of the audience! and kicked him out of the show.. that was the excitement of the night! I want to know why! LOL!! At least he can say Tim McGraw himself yanked him up on stage and kicked him out of the concert.. he was right near the front row... I think we should have got to have his seat! LOL!!! :) edited to add Youtube video of it happening!
It was a FUN FUN night! NOW on to to the Toby Keith Concert Countdown!!! (24 days if you want to count with me!! :) )
THANKS mom for coming down to take care the kiddos!!!

Tonite we are off to the AquaSox game! The kids earned their free tickets from reading at school! they LOVE that!! and YEAH we have sun again today!! Think we will sneak to the park in a bit!!! That is about all I have to tell ya!!!
Have a GREAT rest of the week!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A layout share!!

I got to scrap a bit this week!!! :) These are some photos of the kiddos I took at Moms birthday party ~ arent they cute!! :)

Summer is finally arriving... had some sun shine! :) We have been to the new water park to PLAY!!! The kids LOVED that... and they werent the only ones it was PACKED out!!!! I need to get photos next time... we have been twice and I dont have photos... SHOCKING isnt it! :)

Tonite is DATE NIGHT! Steve and I are going to dinner and then off to see Tim McGraw in concert! YIPPPEEE! I am so excited... should be fun fun fun!!!

I am off to get some cleaning done before mom arrives to watch the kiddos!! Have a GREAT day, thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Have a GREAT day!!! Thanks for being such a GREAT dad!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!
Now off to open gifts!!
Have a GREAT day!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The party was a SUCCESS!!! :) Some photos to share!

Thanks to everyone for making moms birthday a BIG SUCCESS!! We had a really fun time and YEAH the sun decided to join us!!! :) Just a quick post for now! Wanted to share photos!!! Hope traffic wasnt to crazy for all of you!! :)
Have a GREAT rest of the weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 13, 2008

A quick hello, and some photos to share!!!

Oh my gosh how SLOW am I in blogging here!! YIKES! Well really we have been super busy! Lots going on with the end of the year, parties, field trips, gotta get it all in before the 17th!! and I tell you the kids and I are READY for SUMMER BREAK!! Hopefully some SUN will come along with that!!!

Tomorrow is moms birthday party here, so I have been a cleaning machine!! Got lots done, wanted more but you know... that is ok! it will be fine... I am letting it go! LOL!!! :) The kids are gonna help me tonite, make salads, and cake... then bring on the FUN!!! I cant believe she is gonna be 60 ~ time flies so fast... she doesnt look or act it.... so I think that helps me feel only 30! :) THANKS MOM! LOL!!

The kids had field day thur. (the photos I shared!) it was rained out last week! It wasnt great weather for it yesterday, but NO RAIN so that is all that counts.. you know this year they have warn shorts to school only twice, what CRAZY weather we have been having... I am ready for some SUN... hopefully like TOMORROW, and for like at least 3 or 4 months... ok weeks... ok DAYS! LOL!!

ANYWAY! Break time is over.. back to getting ready for the party! I will be back SOONER then this last blog and share some things I have been working on, and some party photos!! Dont tell anyone but I am gonna clear my card and have almost 600 photos available!! HEE HEE!!!
Thanks for stopping by~ have a GREAT day!!!!
Happy WEEKEND!!!