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Friday, February 15, 2008

Red Velvet LOVE! :)

So it is OFFICALLY a tradition in our house... Red Velvet on Valentines Day!! last night we made it again for the 2nd year in a row!!! I couldnt find my small heart cake pans that I used last year... hmmmmmm disappearing pans... interesting! BUT Mom gave me some CUTE mini heart cake pans (THANKS mom!)for Valentines day! So we used those, and my mini muffin pans, PLUS the one small heart cake pan I found... it was perfect, we had LOTS left over for the weekend!!!

Just wanted to pop in and share some photos of the YUM! Didnt everyone do a GREAT job on their little heart cakes! :) We watched Air bud... snow buddies last night, such a CUTE movie! and now the kiddos are on mid-winter break... YEAH no hustle and bustle to get out of the house for school for the next 4 days! :) I think we are gonna try and sneak in a picnic and a park playday.. it is gonna be HOPEFULLY nice so they say a couple days... and one day may hit 53! YEAH! that is warm enough for me! :)

Thanks for stopping by (thanks for reading ALL the blog posts if you did, I have been a blogging queen this week! LOL!! I had lots to share with ya!)! Have a GREAT weekend!!!!


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