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Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy FRIDAY!! :) Hope you had a GREAT week!!

I have been having some FUN with all my digital scrappen stuff I have!Between, my books, a video clip I found and a good friend Sharon I was able to get some of the basics down, enough to use some of the goodies I have!! and now a MONSTER has been RELEASED! :) all from the enter key! (that was where I was stuck! NO MORE!) this is a photo I took yesterday~ the kiddos were so GOOD! I wanted to get some Valentine card photos, and hello they just were FABULOUS and did everything and I asked and MORE!! They had their own ideas, and I ended up getting 25 photos, all I wanted was 8, but I am NOT gonna turn them down when they want to ham it up and have FUN for me! :)

So we have a busy busy weekend planned! but it will be fun! I think the last of our free weekends was last weekend! (SHHH Dont tell Steve or the kids! we are busy! LOL!)

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! THANKS for stopping by!!!!


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