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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Tuesday! :) I got a couple layouts done over the past 2 days! I have just felt so scrappy! At this rate I will be caught up by the time I am 95, and then I will have to work on the kids books! :)

The Escape Layout was some photos from our trip last summer to Lake Tahoe, oh I would love to be there this moment! :) ONLY if it was that warm and sunny!!! :)
The Amazing layout is from a boating trip over the summer! I would LOVE to be out on the boat now too... only if it was warm and sunny!! :)

So on the home front all is well here! Amanda is back to school, chicken pox all gone! YEAH!!! She was glad to go back with her friends! Of course today she wanted to stay home~ I guess one day was enough!! :)

That is about all I got for now! :) THANKS for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!


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