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Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy February! :)

Just wanted to share some of the things I have made the past week and a half! :) As you can see I have been scrappen, Steve has been working, Justin has been schoolen, and Amanda has been CHICKEN POXEN! :( Poor girl! She had 2 other kids in her class that had it, and SERIOUSLY I wouldnt have known she had it if they didnt! Since she got the vaccine, it is so mild... the Dr. said it will clear faster, be ALOT less spots, she has SIX! that is it! Dr. said 10% of all kids that get the vaccine get them! and seriously if I hadnt known about the other kids, I would have just thought they were bumps on her! She is just hanging out at home until next monday or tuesday! We are playing LOTS of games! she LOVES our new Wii game, cooking with Mama! LOL! she cant get enough of it... UNLESS it is the part you gotta skin and cut the fish, ICK! but other then that is is SUPER fun!!!

So I personally am HOPING no more snow for the year ~ Sorry all Skiers, you can have your Mt. snow, but please dont sent it my way! LOL!! I want warmer sunshine, and flowers!!! :) Want to sit on the deck, bring out the boat... oh that is still a ways away! I better slow down! LOL!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!! Ours is gonna be spent here, I am sure Steve will watch the super bowl! I will have my own scrapbook bowl! :)
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