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Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Holidays! YEAH! I am so EXCITED for the coming month! We have so much fun stuff planned!!! :) We are going to see Santa later this week, I am taking the kids on our annual shopping trip! Xmas exchanges start next week, and then BAM one week til the BIG day!!! :) It is gonna go so FAST!!! 22 days, are you READY?!!! I am almost!! I am gonna get wrapping this week! I cant WAIT!

As you can see we got our tree! YEAH! We got a bit smaller one.. it is still 8 feet tall~ but oh I miss those 9.5 footers! But since we have FURNITURE now we cant get that big! It looks so pretty!
It was such a perfect day to go saturday! There was no snow (YET) at our house, but by the time we got to the tree farm it had snowed there earlier and it had just enough to make it BEAUTIFUL~ but not to deep` still VERY COLD! WE got our tree, went to lunch at Burger King! We do that every year too! :) Brought it home and got it decorated last night! We LOVE it!! :)

The kids had so much fun with the snow.. it started about 2:30pm satuday here and snowed all day, it rained a bit early sunday but by 8am it was snowing AGAIN! for a couple hours.. the kids had a BLAST out in it! By noon the rain had started and it hasnt stopped~ YIKES!!! I hear by wed. we should be back to regular weather.. wonder what that means?!!!

I am off~ I have lots to get done! and just a few hours to try to do that!
Have a GREAT day! thanks for stopping by!!
Happy Holidays!!!!!


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