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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our new living room!!!

Finally we have it almost all together! I thought I would share some photos of it! I still have a few things I want to do yet, but it is almost there! It is ready enough to have a PARTY in! :)

I really love how the whole room came together it is my favorite room at the moment in the house, ok right next to my scrappy room~ BUT this room is CLEAN! AHHH we love to sit in there! :)

The stone that is set in our tables almost matches the stone set in our floor in the entry way.. it wasnt planned but was cool to figure out! :)

Steve thought of the COOL black word family with photos all around it! I had another idea, a mirror or a photo frame with words in it.. I LOVE how this truned out!!

That bowl with the candle in it I have had for 4 years! It was the first piece I ever bought and that was ALL the living room for awhile! I knew I wanted red accents! I am so HAPPY to have it all out now! YEAH!!

See those black shelves under the photo~ those were our hardest thing to find! We either found, 1 in the size we needed or 2 that were way to long! I suggested getting white and painting them... so after 3 weeks of looking we found a set, Steve got them, and PAINTED them! :) We now have 4 other white ones! LOL! I LOVE how it all came together!!!! :)

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!! We are having a dinner party tonite! YEAH!! I need to get ready for that! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

**SORRY the photos are out of order! I am NOT going to change them! LOL!! I am sure you can all figure out which is BEFORE and AFTER! :) ** Happy Sunday!


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