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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy February!!! Almost LOVE day!! The kids are very excited!!! Going to be working on Valentines this week!!! I am working on mine too! I have the idea, and a little something done, but cant share yet! Since the people who are getting them, havent yet! I want them to be surprised! BUT I will share once I know they have gotten them! :) Oh the suspense! HA HA!!!!

I have been trying to do some scrappen lately! Not alot but some! I have some holiday ones to share!!! :) and LOTS more to work on!!! Here are some of them in slide show form! :)

Everyone is doing GREAT! Kiddos are doing well in school~ looking forward to having a few days off next week for Mid Winter Break! NOT like we didnt have one last month with the SNOW days! :) Steve is BUSY BUSY at work~ he has taken on more responsibilities now ~ someone left their org. so it means later nights! Me same as always~ cleaning, laundry, scrappen, craften!! Wouldnt want it any other way!!!

Hope all is well with you all!!!! Have a GREAT day!!!


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