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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Well here it is Wed. and still no derby photos up! LOL!!! Time just flies by I tell ya!! We had a busy week, last week, and weekend! Justin did the science fair and LOVED it! He did so great telling everyone about his prodject!!! (I have photos of course!) Then sat. more work on the boat! and then we had a boaters club meeting, Steve took me to dinner, and we played at the Casino! we left them most of our $ (wasnt that nice of us!!! :) ) I did leave with $35, which is soooo not like me! I usually spend it all!!! :)
Then sunday well I decided I was tired of being 37 and thought I would give 38 a try, I am done with that, think I want to go back to 37, or maybe 35! LOL!!!! It was a GREAT fun day! Mom stayed over night, and we went to brunch, the mall, I took a nap! (it was my day!) had chinese dinner!!! YUM YUM!!! Got lots of nice gifts!!!!
We are getting ready now to head this weekend to Longview for a few days! visit the family! We are going to also go see Ice Age 2 I cant wait for that! and the popcorn!!! :)

I did get to scrap a layout today, while I waited PATIENTLY?? for 10am and Kenny Chesney presale tickets! WAHOO I got them!!! (THANKS STEVE!) I had to throw back about 15 sets before I got the section I wanted! but I got them!!!! I cant WAIT!! June 24th come on! :) I am sure it will be here before I know it!!

Ok enough rambling!!!! Gonna post the layout, the scan doesnt seem as good as the others so I want to check that out! This is from our beach trip last year!!
Have a GREAT night!


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