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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hello Family and Friends!
Thanks for stopping by our NEW space in cyberland!!! We have decided to drop our home page, and keep this blog instead, #1 because it is FREE! :) Cant beat that price, and #2 it is so much easier for me to update, the other took me over an hour, and the last 2 times wouldnt even let me update it! SIGH! So here we are!!
I wont promise to write everyday, but I will keep more updated here then I did before! :)
I have lots of projects in the works!!! so be on the lookout!!!

Everyone here is going GREAT!

Justin is taking the WASL testing right now! I have no doubt he will do FANTASTIC! Getting ready to start tennis, well I have to figure out our FREE days! (easier said then done now a days!) He is busily finishing up his pine wood derby car~ that is this weekend! He and Steve have created a AWESOME derby car! He is also going to do the science fair on March 23rd, looking very forward to that!!!!

Amanda is doing GREAT in kindergarden and is counting down the days to being SIX! (my baby SIX can you believe that!) she is in Daisys, and she also wants to take tennis, MOM wants her to take dance! I think mom may win for the first round, but maybe over the summer she can do tennis!!!!! She is also in Daisy girl scouts, we have a meeting tonite! She loves it!

Steve is doing GREAT too! They just moved his group into a new building~ which added some on to his commute! :( other then that work is going well. Pretty busy! Gonna launch some new things!!!
Last weekend he and Justin got the boat all ready for our first outing in 3 weeks!! We joined a boating club~ looking forward to going on cruises with them! From what we have seen and heard it is a FUN group!!!! and the kids are WELCOME! Which was the most important thing to us!!!!

and ME! Well I am GREAT too!!! Helping at the school once a week! Still TRYING to catch up on photos!! Pretty much the usual!!!! Cant WAIT for spring and summer to arrive, I am TIRED of winter and rain and SNOW!!! march SNOW ~ YUCK! :) Bring on the sun!!!

That is about it for this first BLOG report! I am going to share some new stuff in the next couple blogs!! Check back often and I PROMISE to have more updates then before!!!!

Hope all is well!!! Dont forget to say HI when your here!!!! Do you have a BLOG, do let us know so we can POP in!!!!! :)

The Johnson Family
Steve, Beth, Justin and Amanda


  • At 3:26 PM , Blogger said...

    Beth just looked at your pictures and read everything . What a great job you do. I can't believe how long Amanda's hair is. Wow. Just wanted you to know that I looked at your things. Talked to Nate last night and he said that he was over to your house and you cooked a great dinner. Wished I lived closer to you so I could have a meal once in a while. Nate always has a great time with you guy's. Have to go and start something for dinner. Have a great day and thanks for the pictures. Love ya. Carol P>S> See you on the first.

  • At 8:01 AM , Blogger Patticakes said...

    Hi Sweetie,
    I can't get over how long Amanda's hair is getting. It is just about the same as London's. When are you coming to town again? I would love to see all of you. Well, off to work. Love, Patticakes


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