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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Rainy Day... at least for us it is!!

So where did our sun go!! One day isnt enough for me I need it BACK! LOL!!! So since we couldnt play outside we played inside!!!

Here is what the kiddos and I did today! Trying to reuse more things.. so here is some fun mini albums! I cut the covers out of the boxes.. then let the kids decorate them anyway they want! :) NOW to get some photos for inside!!!


and After-

I think they turned out pretty darn cute!!!

I also did this today! I still have a few more pages to make up, but I am not sure on the photos yet... so for now I have the cover of my acrylic album-

and page 1 (ok the only page that is done! :) )

The kids and I also were having some FUN in the kitchen last week on the non-sunny days!!! We made all of this!! (ok I made the salsa myself! BUT they helped on the rest!!!)
Strawberry Raspberry Jam!!

Cupcake Bites.. YUM!! You can find the recipe for these cuties here at Bakerella she has ALOT of cute ideas for them!!

I will for sure make them again!

Finally I made salsa!! (I was feeling very homey last week! I spent the whole day in the kitchen!) The salsa is a recipe I got from my cousin and adjusted it a bit and really LOVE it! Gonna make more this week.. in case you were wondering! LOL!!

Justin is very excited he gets to start FOOTBALL next week!! He will practice- Mon-Fri.. 2 hours a night... OH my! I am so EXCITED too! NOT! LOL!! :)

We got Amandas soccer coach info! she is so excited to start.. but we wont get more details for a couple weeks yet!!!

Steve played in a golf tourney on sunday.. the rain held off for him! Lucky guy! He had a fun time! He had never played with his group they took 12th! Not to bad for a first time tourney and 1st time with the other men!!!

Me.. the usual.. Laundry Laundry Laundry...scrubbing the bathrooms, and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!!! hee hee! All that was in case Steve read this! :) Been having a FUN time haning out with the kids, and getting in some scrappy time!! :)

So that is all I have to share!! Hope you have a GREAT rest of the week! Thanks for stopping by!!


  • At 6:43 PM , Blogger cathy said...


    Loved all your pictures and comments :) The cupcakes look YUMMY!!

    Glad you are all having a wonderful summer.



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