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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Saturday!! Happy DATE night to Steve and I!! YEAH Toby Keith Concert tonite! I soooo cant wait!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!

I got to do a LITTLE scrappen today... this is gonna be the opening page to our Beach trip this year! :)

So that is about all I have to share... hoping to bake some FUN this weekend but dont think it is gonna happen!! So next week for sure! :) Cant believe July is half over.. WHERE does time go! We are having a SUPER fun summer!! I am helping TRAIN Justin!! Football starts in 2 weeks, and he wants to be READY... I am so proud of him.. his running has improved 100% and he just keeps on going and TRYING,.. I am also helping Amanda get ready for soccer! She is doing GREAT! She doesnt enjoy 1 and a half hour training sessions like Justin! LOL! But that is ok.. she is fast and can kick! :) So I told Steve can I put on my resume now Personal Trainer to sports stars?!! HA HA!!!

Have a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!!!


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