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Monday, October 08, 2007

One SOGGY weekend at Hoods Canal!

We headed over sat. to Papa and Dedes cabin, it was sprinkling out~ so we stil went to the water... Well come sunday it was POURING out! I hadnt gotten any photos so we HAD to go back down there! Ok by we I mean the kids and I! Everyone else stayed back in the warm cabin!

Justin had a little accident he fell down HARD, but still wanted to hunt for little crabbies! So you can see he found some but oh what a FACE he was still sore!!!

Amanda she wanted to feed the fish~ so we took the left over bread from breakfast that day... UM as you can see she got HUNGRY and ate some of it herself! LOL!!!

We still had a FUN time even in the rain!!! It is nice to get away for even a night!!!!

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! and hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Hoping for SUN this week and NEXT weekend we are off to the pumpkin patch and fall festival we go to every year!! Be ready for MORE photos!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!


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