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Monday, January 12, 2009


Soooo a big BIG thanks to my mom for coming down friday to watch the kiddos so I could fly to Vegas for the night! (it was 25 hours really!) and meet Steve who was there since Wednesday for CES! I have NEVER left the kids and just on a whim thought I would see if she was available! She was... and what a FUN 25 hours it was!!! Thought I would share some photos with ya!! :)

Now if your wondering.. YES the kids were upset with me! BUT do you want to see what made it alright....

yep sleeping in the tent! It was Amandas idea.. and she was so excited.. she still wasnt offically happy I was going, BUT she did think it would be fun to CAMP in the tent.. so after we got it up Thursday night.. she asked to camp that night.. I said NOPE! Gotta wait for tomorrow! I wanted them to have something to look forward to! other then a stiff back or 2, mom and Justin! they had a GREAT time... so great Amanda told Tutu , that Steve and I could leave again sometime! HA HA!!! Ok I may not wait 12 years for the next get away!!



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